Solid Ground When Life’s Up in the Air

Did you have a sweet Christmas, friends? Even if things weren’t Pinterest-perfect, I hope you sensed Jesus near. My Christmas was full of noisy, laughing love. We gathered at my mom’s place on Christmas night and noshed on every kind of appetizer known to man. My sister’s three-year-old grandson, Brantley, brought all of us plastic buckets full of cookies he baked with his sweet momma. When we asked him how he learned to bake so well, he said, “God told me to make those cookies.” I sure hope God-ordained cookies have fewer calories!

This year, my best gift was that my three sons drove from Arizona to see me. They got here Christmas Eve night, and I hugged them as much as possible until they left Saturday morning. I was caught off-guard with how hard it was to let them go. Saturday was an ugly cry day.

And now, here we are in that weird, in-between week when we clean up from the holidays and anticipate the start of a new year. I don’t think I’ve ever entered a new year with so many unknowns. I’m not gonna lie…I’m feeling pretty antsy. I sure hope this in-between week will hold some answers to my most pressing questions.

I’m not wild about my life being up in the air, but I sense God’s reassurance, “I am your solid ground.”

I believe Him. My soul feet are flat on the ground.

It’s my mind that’s flying every which way like an out-of-control kite. Just when I think I have it reined in and focused on truth, a gust of doubt sends my brain spinning. But I keep reining it back in. If I continue redirecting my mind to truth, eventually, it will be prone to staying put.

I do believe 2016 will be the year of making my mind mind.


Thank you for being my solid ground no matter how up-in-the-air my life appears to be. Help me train my mind to stick close to the solid ground of Your truth instead of flying every which way in the gale gusts of doubt.  I know You’ve got me, Lord. I have no reason to fear. Whether this week holds open doors or more waiting, my confidence is in You. I trust You. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN

The winner of the signed copy of my devotional book, Prayer Gifts While You Wait, is Kelly M. Thanks to all who left a comment on the Pray Backs post! 




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