Pray for the President

Another presidential inauguration is upon us. I love all the extra TV footage of Washington landmarks. What a privilege to be an American.

I’ve never been too interested in politics, but this election has been such a circus that it’s hard to avoid hearing about it.

When I scroll through my social media, some of my friends are overjoyed about our new president and others are horrified. I am neither.

You won’t find me singing his praises or marching against him, but here’s what you will find me doing.

I will treat him with respect because I try to treat all people with respect.

I will be rooting for him because his success is our country’s success.

I will be praying for him because prayer is the best way I can support our president and our country.

I’d be saying the same thing with different pronouns if the election had gone the other way. It really wasn’t that important to me who won.

My trust is in God, not politicians. God’s Word is full of examples where God used faulty people to bring about His purposes. I have every confidence that He’ll do it again in America in 2017.

Friends, let’s quit speculating and start praying. Let’s quit picking on people who think differently than we do and start loving. Let’s say and do things that will actually do some good instead of adding to the hate and the hopelessness.

Will you pray with me?


In my oh, so human hands, I lift up our new President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. 

I pray his heart is drawn to Your heart.

I pray his mind is flooded with supernatural wisdom.

I pray his hands will be busy serving all the people, even the ones who despise him.

I pray his feet will stand up for what’s good and right.

I pray his mouth will be  full of words that build up.

I pray his ears will be quick to listen.

I pray his shoulders will be sturdy for a burden I’d never dare to take on.

I pray his marriage and family life will be supportive and sweet.

I pray his cabinet and collaborators will be courageous and full of integrity.

I pray his character will be chiseled into something beautiful.

Work in our new president’s life in miraculous ways as he strives to do his best for this incredible country.

In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN



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