Memorial Day Prayer

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and you just might have some fun stuff planned. Go ahead and have your hot dog and potato salad. Get your summer tan going at the lake. Relax and enjoy yourself. I will, too.

But we can’t forget to remember—and pray.


It’s Memorial Day—the day we remember the fallen. Those who gave their lives for liberty’s sake. They died for their families; they died for strangers; they died for present and future generations.

Lord, I pray for all who ache from the empty place their soldiers left behind.

Some are observing Memorial Day with new, searing understanding. Their soldier is in a fresh grave draped with the first of many American flags. Hold their hearts with your tender hands. Heal their broken hearts; bandage their wounds with Your compassion (Psalm 147:3).

Some remember loved ones long departed, but the grief is still sharp and surprising. Remind them that You keep track of all their sorrows and have collected their tears in a bottle (Psalm 56:8). No matter how many years pass, You see, and You understand.

I pray each person on Remembrance Road will turn and grab hold of one behind them. With the comfort they have received from You, may they comfort as only one who “gets it” can (2 Corinthian 1:3-5).

And for those of us who have never experienced the loss of a soldier, give us sensitive, prayerful, grateful hearts. Show us how to honor the fallen and the ones who hold folded flags.

In the name of Jesus, the God of all comfort, I pray, Amen

Are you remembering a loved one lost this Memorial Day? Leave a comment and share about your hero.


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