Invitation to Pray| Pray Without Ceasing Tip of the Week

I got a special piece of mail a few weeks ago. It wasn’t in a bill-size envelope. It wasn’t in a junk mail-size envelope. It was in a lovey-dovey-size envelope. I got a wedding invitation!

I met Amber when I first moved back to Louisiana. She was the smiling and enthusiastic music teacher, and I was the wrung-out and overwhelmed substitute at a local Christian school. The thought of watching her speak her vows to her sweetheart makes me smile.

Her invitation has been sitting in my room for a couple weeks, but the other  day, the Lord whispered into my heart.

What if you prayed for Amber and Wyatt every time you saw that invitation?

Hmmm, what if?

Planning a wedding is a joyous but stressful time. I’m sure they could use my prayers about that.

Shifting from being single to married is exciting but challenging. I’m sure they could use my prayers about that.

Gaining a son or daughter-in-law is a huge blessing but a tremendous adjustment. I’m sure Amber and Wyatt’s parents could use my prayers about that.

And then there’s the whole Satan thing. I know from experience that the evil one wants Christian marriages to crash and burn. I have no doubt this precious couple needs all the prayer they can get.

So Amber and Wyatt’s wedding invitation is displayed in my bathroom. Yes, my bathroom. When I get ready in the mornings and clean my face in the evenings, I like to pray for folks.

I have a couple names written on my mirror in green dry erase marker (right above my weight-loss log). Mainly friends going through challenges that need concentrated prayer. I also have a prayer card for a man named Muthu I got from the Voice of the Martyrs. He’s a Believer in a country where persecution is rampant.

And now I have a beautiful invitation to a beautiful girl’s special day leaning up against my mirror. And I vow to pray for her and her sweetheart and their parents on these days leading up to the wedding day.

Here’s my prayer for them today.


Marriage is a beautiful picture of our relationship with you. The love. The commitment. The intimacy.  It touches me deep to see this beautiful couple begin their life together. 

Cause these days leading up to the wedding to bubble over with joy, happiness, and laughter. Help them to keep all the preparations in perspective and to not get stressed over things that won’t matter in the long run.

Surround this precious couple with godly people and solid couples who can share practical wisdom, and help Amber and Wyatt to soak up every ounce of it. 

Help them to pray together as if their marriage depends on it. Because it does.

Help them to dig into Your Word as if they’re digging for hidden treasure. Because it is.

Help them to listen to Your voice as if  You’re leading them down a narrow path. Because You are.

keep Your hand on Amber and Wyatt and they keep their eyes on You.

In Jesus’s name I pray, AMEN

Next time you receive an invitation, don’t just write the event in your calendar and toss the invite. Tack it up where you’ll see it or tuck it in your Bible, and commit to pray for the sender until their special  day arrives. There’s no greater gift than prayer.


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