I Saw Jesus in my Bulletproof Coffee

I saw Jesus in my bulletproof coffee.

Now, don’t think this is one of those phenomena where folks see the Virgin Mary in their tortilla.

Let me explain.

I drink this concoction called Bulletproof Coffee every morning as part of my ketogenic eating plan. It’s hot coffee blended with butter and MCT oil. It fills me up, gives me tons of energy, and tides me over until well past noon. I’ve grown to love the stuff!

You can read about its benefits HERE. But finish reading this post first because it’s good stuff.

I’ve been drinking this coffee daily since July, and never once have I “seen” Jesus. But I did this morning.

You see, my word for 2018 is STIRRED. My prayer is that God will stir my heart to deeply understand His sacrificial love. I’ve grown a little calloused deep inside because of hurts I’ve gone through over the years. I have a hard time feeling deep emotion, and I want to change that. I want to be able to deeply love God and others again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a loving girl and love to encourage others. But I feel somewhat detached inside. Loving deeply is risky, but I want to be brave!

So, back to my coffee.

This morning, I dropped a pat of butter in my Pray Without Ceasing coffee mug and pressed my Keurig’s big cup button. The dark roast coffee trickled down onto the butter, and, within seconds, the butter started melting. I blended the fatty coffee in my Nutribullet and settled back into my bed for my time with God,

As I glanced down at my coffee, I heard the Lord whisper to my soul. “I’m the coffee. You’re the butter.”

When I first placed the butter in the mug, it was cold, hard, and at the bottom of the mug. But then the hot, rich coffee poured in and changed everything! It didn’t take long for the butter to begin its transformation. It became soft and then fluid, rising with the coffee until the mug was full. With a quick swirl of the blender, the butter became completely immersed in the coffee, never to be cold and hard and low again.

Yes, Lord, You’re the coffee, and I’m the butter. Let’s do this!

“Satisfy [me] in the morning with your steadfast love, that [I] may rejoice and be glad all [my] days”(Psalm 90:14  ESV).


Thank you for Your warmth. Your richness. Your power to uplift, awaken, and transform. I want to immerse myself in Your loving presence and be completely changed. When You move, I want to move with You. I want to be sensitive to Your activity in the world and deeply moved by it.

Soften my heart and stir it well, in Jesus’s name, AMEN



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