Crossflix Christian Television Network Giveaway

It’s hard to find clean entertainment these days, so when Frontgate Media asked me to review a faith-based internet television service, I jumped at the chance.

Crossflix delivers the best in faith and family entertainment, education, and inspiration available on your television, devices, and phones. Crossflix offers its subscribers great faith and family movies for all ages, children’s animated educational titles, original content including the “Crossflix Living Bible Series,” which is a great educational tool to learn the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

I received a free two-week trial of Crossflix, and I was impressed with the variety of programs available. From animated Bible stories to biblical documentaries, there’s something for everyone on Crossflix. Feature films range from classic Shirley Temple movies to contemporary faith-based films. They have classic sermons from Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Spurgeon, among others.

I’ll be honest. The acting was a little cheesy in the films I watched, but the stories were compelling, and I didn’t have to worry about inappropriate scenes. I think many Christian families would find great value in Crossflix. And if more Christians invested in Christian entertainment, the production companies would have bigger budgets to make even better products. I think Christian families would find value in what Crossflix is offering.

You can enjoy a two-week trial by going HERE.

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