A Review of A Very Happy Easter Prayer and a Giveaway

Put the word “prayer” in the title, and I’m a goner. Children are never too young to learn how to talk to God. I’m excited to share with you another book from Tommy Nelson’s A Time to Pray series provided to me to review by Frontgate Media.

A Very Happy Easter Prayer is an adorable board book written by Bonnie Richner Jensen. The sturdy pages are filled with whimsical illustrations by Natalia Moore.

Each page reminds children to thank their God for the special gifts of spring and the greatest gift of all: Jesus. Adorable critter kids smile, sing and play through the springtime scenes in this delightful book.

This book would make a perfect addition to your young child’s Easter basket! It’s important that we interject Gospel truth into our holidays as the secular world tries to make them all about materialism.

With it’s rhyming text and happy illustrations, this book will be one your little one wants to read again and again.

I remember when my sons were little, they’d memorize their favorite books and “read” them along with me. This is the kind of book we want our babies to recite.

If you’d like to win a copy of this super special book, you can enter a giveaway at Blessed Freebies by clicking HERE.

This book will be available at Christian retailers, Amazon and other book retailers. Let’s support Christian publishing by fillling our kids’ bookshelves with Christ-centered books!



Review of The Prayer Bible for Children

I’ve been a student of prayer since I was a young teen. Oh, how I wish I had The Prayer Bible for Children  back then!

This wonderful Bible released by Tommy Nelson Publishers is chock-full of kid-friendly resources about prayer.

Available in pink or blue, The Prayer Bible for Children is presented in the International Children’s Bible translation, specifically designed for young children, and it comes with a bonus prayer journal.

My favorite parts of this Bible are the Q&A pages.

They address important questions children have about prayer.

  • Do my prayers change God’s mind?
  • I prayed for God to keep my parents together, and they got divorced. What didn’t He answer?
  • What can I do to stay focused when I pray?
  • Do I have to have my eyes closed to pray?
  • How long should I pray about something?
  • If God knows what we need, why do I need to pray?
  • Can I pray for my pets?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve asked some of those same questions as a grownup!

The bible also includes a ton of short articles to take children deeper as budding prayer warriors.

Sample prayers are scattered throughout the bible’s pages, and important verses about faith are highlighted throughout the text.

I love this Bible! It will be on my short list of meaningful gifts for my great nieces and nephews and other kids in my life.

You can go here to enter a giveway for a free copy! And you can go here to receive a sample download of this amazing children’s bible! To purchase a copy (or copies) for the kids in your life, go here for pink and here for blue!

I received my review copy from Frontgate Media. Now, to decide which of my great-nephews gets to take it home!

Lord, use this Bible to help thousands of children learn to pray at a young age. Now, that would change the world!