Turn Your Phone into a Testimony-A Review of Prone to Wander Phone Cases

Smartphones are here to stay. They’re kind of a cross between an accessory and an electronic brain. I use my phone for way more than phone calls. I do 80% of the work for my small business on my phone. I read books on my phone. I video chat with my sons on my phone. If our phones are out and about as much as they are, shouldn’t they look good?

Take a look at these cases FrontGate Media sent me to review!

Prone to Wander- Los Angeles has a whole line of Christian-themed phone cases that can turn your phone into a testimony!


Beauty for Ashes


Trust in the Lord with all your heart


The cases come in attractive packaging!


Be still and know that I am God.

Available in clear, shimmer, and woodgrain cases for both i-phone and Samsung phones, Prone to Wander-LA has a case reflective of your style and your personal message. All cases can be customized for an additional charge.

The cases slip o

n and off with ease, so it’s easy to keep your phone sanitized.

I’d love to see Prone to Wander come out with cases for clumsy folk like me. I’m one of those who needs a shatter-proof case because I drop my phone several times a week.

Hop over to Prone to Wander’s site HERE and check out all of the cases they have available! They have home decor items as well!

As a small business owner, I’m impressed with this small company started by two friends turned sisters-in-law. I love what they had to say on their bio page:

“We believe that creating an impact in the world starts where you are. Fulfilling your purpose is here and now! The way God designed you is unique and intentional. There is a need in the world that only YOU can fill. We seek to be all that God has purposed us to be and desire to encourage others to do the same.”

They sound like my kind of people. It’s my pleasure to support them in their venture-adventure!

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A Review of A Very Happy Easter Prayer and a Giveaway

Put the word “prayer” in the title, and I’m a goner. Children are never too young to learn how to talk to God. I’m excited to share with you another book from Tommy Nelson’s A Time to Pray series provided to me to review by Frontgate Media.

A Very Happy Easter Prayer is an adorable board book written by Bonnie Richner Jensen. The sturdy pages are filled with whimsical illustrations by Natalia Moore.

Each page reminds children to thank their God for the special gifts of spring and the greatest gift of all: Jesus. Adorable critter kids smile, sing and play through the springtime scenes in this delightful book.

This book would make a perfect addition to your young child’s Easter basket! It’s important that we interject Gospel truth into our holidays as the secular world tries to make them all about materialism.

With it’s rhyming text and happy illustrations, this book will be one your little one wants to read again and again.

I remember when my sons were little, they’d memorize their favorite books and “read” them along with me. This is the kind of book we want our babies to recite.

If you’d like to win a copy of this super special book, you can enter a giveaway at Blessed Freebies by clicking HERE.

This book will be available at Christian retailers, Amazon and other book retailers. Let’s support Christian publishing by fillling our kids’ bookshelves with Christ-centered books!