Screensaver Prayers| Pray Without Ceasing Tip of the Week

Every time I open my laptop, the smiling faces of my sweet sons greet me. Aren’t screensavers the best? This morning, I sensed the Spirit say, “What if you prayed for your boys every time you saw that picture?”

What if  I did? I am on this computer at least three times a day. Blogging, surfing FB, paying bills, lesson planning, googling weight loss tips, avoiding Trump’s tweets. Imagine all the prayer ground I could cover for my babies if I paused and prayed every time I opened this contraption?

Perfect example of the pray without ceasing life. When Paul exhorts us to “pray without ceasing” in I Thessalonians 5:17 (NKJV), I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean for us to kneel bedside 24/7. So what did he mean? God desires a 24/7 relationship with us. He wants us to talk to Him about, well, everything! Imagine that, people! The God of Everything wants to wants us to talk to Him about everything.

Since attaching my heart to the idea of praying continually, God gave me this idea I call “mental monuments,” visual reminders to pray about specific things. My screensaver prayers for my sons falls into this category. It’s about being intentional, observant, aware of what’s around me. It’s about seeing those things we see every day in a different light. An eternal light. A pray without ceasing spotlight.

How many electronic devices to you use? I have a computer, a smartphone, and a tablet. While my boys’ picture is a fixture on my computer, I think I’m going to use my smartphone home page as place where I can put a picture of someone with an urgent need for prayer. You know, someone who just lost a loved one or someone battling cancer or someone desperately seeking a job.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m joined at the hip with my phone, so if God nudges me to make you my screensaver, you can bet your last buck you’ll get prayed for a bunch! Hey, there has to be some silver lining to being addicted to your phone, right?

What do you think, friends? What do you think about turning your screensavers into neon signs that say, “PRAY!”  If you’re up for this prayer adventure, leave a comment and let me know who’s on your screensaver. I’d love to pray with you.


Prayer: The Road Rage Vaccine

I’m in Arizona visiting my sons and some sweet friends. Between driving more than 1000 miles to get here and all the socializing I’ve been doing, my little white Buick has gotten quite the workout.

As I toodled over to hang out with my youngest son today, I learned yet another way to pray without ceasing.

Lunchtime traffic was brisk. People were probably in a hurry to get to the Slurpee store to beat the 120-degree heat.

To my right, I heard a roaring engine and saw flash of red. At first, I thought it was a fire truck rushing by, but, no, it was a red pick-up truck pulling a matching flatbed trailer.

In less than 20 seconds, the truck swerved from lane-to-lane three times with black exhaust pouring from the tailpipe. Other drivers slammed on brakes and veered into other lanes to get out of the truck’s path.

Danger signs flashed in my mind, and I stayed as far away as I could from the speeding truck-trailer. I honestly thought I was about to witness a fatal accident. It was that bad. Horns blared in every lane. I could sense the tension in the air.

The driver whipped into the right-turn lane and screeched to a halt at the red light, while I continued straight. I imagined a collective sigh of relief on Baseline Road.

As I inched past the truck, I glanced over to see what kind of nut job was driving like that and saw a handsome teenaged boy with a couple of friends. And that’s when the prayers started pouring out.

Lord, please slow those boys down. Protect them and everyone else on the road from their poor choices. Help them to use the brains You blessed them with.

The young driver’s eyes met mine, and I managed to mouth, “Be safe!” before I passed on by. I felt like a total mom, but, hey, it was better than letting my middle finger do the talking, right?

As I pulled in to meet up with my boy, my mind was still on the scene from before.

Seems like a week doesn’t go by that the news doesn’t talk about instances of road rage where people snap over issues on the road. What if the Christians on the road got busy praying instead of honking horns, giving dirty looks and shaking fists?

Inviting Jesus into stressful driving situations invites peace into the chaos. The crazy drivers and road ragers won’t know what hit them. That is, unless we’re the ones being crazy. Whether it’s our own driving that needs improvement or the driving of others, I believe prayer is the road rage vaccine.


Ride with me today. When I feel threatened on the road, may my first response be prayer and not anger. Help me see other drivers through Your eyes. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN

Do you think more prayer could improve your driving experience? I challenge you to try it today. Let me know how it goes!