Snooze Button Prayers

Sleep. I kinda love it. I once had “professional napper” listed as a life skill on my Twitter bio. It’s a serious hobby at the very least. My love of slumber gives me mad snooze button skills. Whoever came up with that miracle button should get some kind of prize. Just sayin’. On any given morning, I allow time for at least two snooze button punches, and I know how many extras I can throw in if I’m willing to give up negotiable morning activities. You know, like eating and showering. Tooth brushing? Now that’s non-negotiable.

Lately, I’ve been using the snooze button for more than a few extra zzz’s. I’ve been using it as a way to start off my day right…in prayer.

In my research reading for my book-in-progress, I revisited a book I read back when I was a young momma. Angela Thomas‘s book, Tender Mercy for a Mother’s Soul, truly lived up to its title back when I was taking care of three little blondies. Reading it was like having a cup of cocoa with a friend who gets it.

In one chapter, she emphasized the importance of not getting out of bed without Jesus. I mean…think about it…once we get vertical, life starts happening. And we need Him for every second of it.

Angela suggested pressing the snooze and spending those moments calling out to God. I decided to try it, and, I must say, it’s been a game changer for me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, those snooze button prayers aren’t the most articulate words of my day. I’m a sleepy girl, afterall. I just reach my soul arms up and ask my Savior to help me do the day right. I invite Him to join me from the start and to guide me in His plan for my life. If there’s something heavy on my agenda for the day, I hand it over to Him and ask Him for the wisdom and strength I’ll need. And I ask Him to prepare me for any surprises I might encounter. I tell Him I love Him, and I thank Him for loving me.

That’s about it.

It seems pretty simple, but it sure changes the way I approach my day. From the second my feet hit the floor, I sense His interest, His encouragement and His hand in mine.

Snooze button prayers beat extra sleep hands-down.

Lord, I need You every minute of my day. Before I face the day, I will seek Your face. Amen




New Year Prayer

Fireworks echo through the dark woods, but I can’t see the show.

That would require me to go out there, and I just can’t do it tonight.

I can’t even muster the gumption to peek through the blinds.

With no lack of invitations to ring in the new year right, I chose the company of three sleepy pups.

I needed to do this alone.

This laying down of a worn-out year I have no interest in reliving.

This sorting through the rubble to find the treasures worth taking with me to a new year.

This letting go of regrets and disappointments not welcome to tag along even one more day.

With one last “Why, God?” cry, I emptied my heart of all the yuck to make room for fresh hope.

Hope that He’ll direct my path and that I’ll hear Him right.

Hope that He’ll help me tame my prone-to-wander mind.

Hope that 2016 will hold more laughter and less lament.

The fireworks just quickened and sent my eyes to the clock.

The worn-out year has breathed its last.

I suck in my first breath of new year oxygen.

And I pray.


Lord, take this year…this brand-new year that holds new beginnings You hand-picked for me.

Help me to expect much from You and to let humans off the hook.

Help me to take every unruly thought captive and make them line up with Your truth.

Help me to do less rehashing the past and more rehearsing for heaven.

Help me to want You more than anything else.

Help me to love You the way You deserve to be loved.

Help me to appreciate everything…even the hard graces that make me cry.

Because You use it all to make me more like You.

And I want to be more like You.

Take this year, and take me, too. 

Have Your way, Lord.


What is your prayer for the new year?